Snow leopard skin seized by police in Dehradun

Thanks to SLN member Belinda Wright for this information:

“A snow leopard skin was seized by police in Dehradun on Wednesday morning, 5 December 2012. The Special Task Force of the Uttarahand Police arrested two people.” elaborates:

Poacher arrested with snow leopard’s skin

“Dehradun: A suspected poacher was arrested on Wednesday by the special task force for being found in possession of the skin of highly-endangered snow leopard, estimated to be over Rs 50 lakh in street market.

The accused Ravindra Singh Bhandari has been booked under the Wild Life Protection Act, said SSP (in charge) of STF Senthil A Krishnaraj.

Bhandari was arrested from his Gangotri Vihar home late last night, Krishnaraj said, adding that the accused was going to smuggle the big cat’s skin and tail to Delhi.

The snow leopard comes under the highly-endangered category and only 500 of them are left all over India, he said adding that the skin recovered from Bhandari’s possession is estimated to be over Rs 50 lakh in street market.”


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