Smithsonian Magazine Cover Story

Dr. Thomas McCarthy, SLN member and head of the Panthera Snow Leopard Program, called this article to our attention. Congratulations to all the SLN members and other conservationists who are mentioned in the article.

Tom’s words are as follows:

“Smithsonian Magazine’s cover story this month [February 2016] provides a very nice depiction of the work Panthera and others are doing in Kyrgyzstan to conserve snow leopards. It focuses on the efforts of Tanya Rosen, Panthera Snow Leopard Program’s Country Director for Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Tanya came to Panthera just 3 years ago and has rapidly moved those programs ahead using a variety of conservation actions, including but not limited to the conservancy-based hunting programs described in the Smithsonian article.

Congratulations to Tanya and her Panthera Kyrgyz and Tajik team members!

I would also like to acknowledge Shannon Kachel, the University of Washington (Seattle) PhD student who leads the snow leopard collaring project mentioned in the article. He is pictured but not specifically named in the text. Congratulations to him and all of the Kyrgyz team on the capture of their first (of many!) snow leopards for this study.”

Read the full article and view the magnificent pictures here:

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