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The Snow Leopard Network(SLN) is a worldwide organization dedicated to facilitating the exchange of information between individuals, organizations and governments for the purpose of snow leopard preservation. Our membership includes leading snow leopard experts in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

History of the SLN:
The Snow Leopard Network came into being in 2002 at the Snow Leopard Survival Summit in Seattle, Washington, USA as a means for snow leopard experts all across the globe to maintain the same level of contact and cooperation that they experienced at the conference. Since then, membership has grown from the original 65 to over 300, and our numbers are continuing to expand as more snow leopard researchers, experts, and organizations join us to collaborate for the ultimate goal of snow leopard preservation.

Our Mission:
The Snow Leopard Network was created to promote sound scientifically-based conservation of the endangered snow leopard through networking and collaboration between individuals, organizations, and governments. The SLN strives to establish and strengthen professional linkages for addressing the crucial issues affecting the survival of snow leopards and their prey species, and the livelihood opportunities of local people. The primary document used to further this goal is the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) , which was co-authored by several members of the SLN. The SLSS presents a detailed strategy for saving the endangered snow leopard through research, conservation actions, and establishing government action plans in snow leopard range countries.

Organizational Structure:
The Snow Leopard Network is governed a Steering Committee which consists of a Chairperson, an Executive Director and 6 Steering Committee members elected from the general membership. In addition to the SC several standing committees have been created to address specific issues There are currently five: Action Planning, Policy/Position Statement, Communications, Membership, and Science committees. Additional committees may be created anytime the need arises. All members are eligible to serve on committees. For more information, see the Bylaws and Committees pages (right).

Our Objectives:
Establish the SLN as lead coordinator for promoting snow leopard research and conservation.

Facilitate the implementation of the SLSS, and relevant aspects of CMS, CITES, CBD etc.

Promote development and implementation of country action plans for snow leopards.

Promote scientific management and conservation of snow leopard, natural prey and their mountain ecosystem.

Build and strengthen capacity in range states for snow leopard conservation.

Formulate position statements on snow leopard related issues drawing on the combined knowledge and expertise of the SLN members.



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