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With experts in fields ranging from genetics to conflict resolution, our members are always making progress toward sustainability and snow leopard conservation. This portion of the website is dedicated to recognizing their efforts. If you are a member, please email us with your project details to have it featured. If you are not a member yet but have a relevant project, visit the "Become a Member" page and get started!

Snow Leopards Edition 1 Released

After nearly two years of effort, a new comprehensive guide to snow leopards has been published by Elsevier. This book is a part of the Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes series edited by Philip J. Nyhus.

Over 200 authors were involved, many of whom are Snow Leopard Network members. The effort was led by editors and SLN members Dr. Thomas McCarthy and Dr. David Mallon.

To learn more, please see the announcement on our News Blog

To order a copy for your bookshelf or your Kindle, Snow Leopards is available to purchase on Amazon, or directly from the publisher at Elsevier.




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