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Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Program

The Call for Proposals for the 2017 Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Program will be available soon.

More details will be available here and on the SLN News Blog.

The Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Program is designed to support education, research, or conservation projects on snow leopards that meet the needs identified in the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) . Applicants are researchers, educators, or conservationists from a snow leopard range country, international professionals working closely with, or hosted by, range-country counterparts, and post-graduates of any nationality pursuing a higher degree and whose proposals are compatible with needs identified in the SLSS document. Proposals focusing on grassroots conservation or applied research will be viewed preferentially.

This grant program began in 2008. Grants are funded by the Snow Leopard Trust, the Snow Leopard Conservancy, the Whitley Fund for Nature, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Snow Leopard Network. Prior to 2008, the Snow Leopard Trust funded a Small Grants program and links to the final reports for these grant-funded projects are also available below. The current grant cycle runs from 1 January - 31 December, with initial applications due in July.

Please click on the project title to view ongoing project proposals, mid-year progress reports or final reports on completed projects.

Click here to download the Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Program brochure.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2016
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Suraj Upadhaya Nepal Human-snow leopard (Panthera uncia) conflict in northern Nepal-Dolpa
Zara Morris-Trainor Mongolia Impact of cashmere goat herding on the diet and distribution of the ibex and argali – key prey species of the snow leopard
Hussain Ali Pakistan An investigation of population and habitat use of Himalayan ibex in Khunjerab National Park: A baseline approach to conserve the prey species of endangered snow leopard
Monsoon Pokharel Khatiwada Nepal Distribution and conservation of snow leopard in corridor landscape of Kanchenjunga-Singhalila Complex in Eastern Himalaya of Nepal
Riyaz Ahmad India Assessment of status, distribution and threats of snow leopard and its prey in Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir State
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2015
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Rinzin Phunjok Lama Nepal Abundance, distribution and conservation of snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in Humla District, Nepal
Matt Jevit &
Jan Janecka
Pakistan Analysis of temporal variation in prey use and livestock depredation of snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in Pakistan and potential links to climate change
Paul Buzzard &
Feng Xu
China Estimating the populations of snow leopards and their potential prey and assessing human attitudes toward snow leopards at the Western Tien Shan mountains, Xinjiang China
Muhammad Ghulam Pakistan Project Snow Leopard Skardu Baltistan
Yonten Jamtsho Bhutan Conduct snow leopard sensitization workshop in Wangchuck Centennial Park (WCP)
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2014
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Ambika Khatiwada Nepal Scaling up community managed livestock insurance schemes for snow leopards in Nepal
Yelizaveta Protas &
Aromov Bakhtiyor
Uzbekistan Camera trap survey of snow leopards in Uzbekistan
Tsering Angmo India Expanding Snow Leopard Conservation Education Program in the Ladakh Trans-Himalaya
Rebecca Watters Mongolia Confirming Snow Leopard Presence in Hovsgol Aimag, Mongolia
Carol Esson Mongolia Maximising One Health Approaches to Enable Detection of Emerging Disease Threats in a Changing World
Ian Convery Kazakhstan Fuzzy Logic modeling of Snow Leopard Populations in response to threats from climate change
Prawesh Gautam Nepal A research proposal on the impact of climate change on snow leopards studied via retreating glaciers and receding snow lines
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2013
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Ghulam Mohammad Pakistan Local People Incentives Training for Snow leopard Conservation in Kanchanjungha Conservation Area of Nepal
Paul Buzzard China Assessing snow leopard status in northwest Yunnan, China

2014 Update
Oleg Loginov Kazakhstan Saving Snow Leopards in Kazakhstan
Peter Damerell &
Justine Shanti Alexander
China Complementing an expert led, nation wide evaluation of snow leopard status in China with local assessments of human activities and attitudes in the Qilianshan National Nature Reserve
Sergei Spitsyn Russia Restoring the Argut snow leopard population in Russia’s Altai Republic
Jigmet Dadul &
Radhika Kothari
India Snow Leopard Population Estimation and Conflict Assessment in Eastern Ladakh, India
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2012
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Ashish Adhikari Nepal Re-assessment of livestock depredation by snow leopard in the Phu Valley of Manang after 17 years
Jaffar Ud Din &
Muhammad Ali Nawaz
Pakistan Flagship Species of the Pamir Range, Pakistan: Exploring Status and Conservation Hotspots
Susan Higgins &
Nawang Auden &
Broughton Coburn
Bhutan Snow leopard toolkits for monastic leaders in Bhutan
Wei Liu US & China Assessing the distribution, status and conservation needs of snow leopard in a natural World Heritage in Sichuan, China
Rishi Sharma India Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) response to habitat, prey and anthropogenic factors at multiple spatial scales in a multi-use landscape
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2011
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Shoaib Hameed Pakistan Assessment of population of large carnivores and their conflicts with humans in the Yarkhun Valley of the Chitral district, Khayber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Dibesh Karmacharya Nepal Genomic identification of P. uncia from faecal samples using Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR): A pilot study
Oleg Loginov Kazakhstan Development of the action plan of snow leopard conservation in Kazakhstan
Karan Bahadur Shah &
Hem Sagar Baral
Nepal Conservation of snow leopards in Nepal (publication of a popular book in Nepali language)
Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi India When to kill livestock? Understanding the role of wild prey availability in conflict between snow leopard and pastoralists

Related article: Standardizing the double-observer survey method for estimating mountain ungulate prey of the endangered snow leopard
Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2010
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Naranbaatar Galsandorj
& Dr. Bariusha Munkhtsog
& Dr. Jan Janecka
Mongolia Population structure and genetic diversity of snow leopards in Mongolia and implications for conservation
Wei Liu China Is the conservation of giant pandas further endangering snow leopards in Sichuan, China?
Wasim Shehzad Pakistan Non-invasive approach for the diet analysis of snow leopard (Uncia uncia) by using DNA barcoding

Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2009
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Bishnu Prasad Devkota Nepal Prey Density and Diet Relationship of Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia)
Dr. Jan Janecka & Dr. William Murphy China Population Status and Distribution of the Snow Leopard in China
Ghulam Mohammad Pakistan Construction of Predator Proof Corrals
Ramesh Paudyal Nepal

Has the Community-based Livestock Insurance Scheme Minimized Human-snow Leopard Conflict in Kangchenjugha Conservation Area of Nepal Himalaya

Dr. Philip Riordan & Dr. Kun Shi China Snow Leopard Population Assessment in Southern Taxkurgan
Rishi Kumar Sharma India Can Livestock Benefit an Endangered Carnivore: Snow Leopard Population Estimation along a Density Gradient of Wild and Domestic Ungulates

Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients 2008
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Achyut Aryal Nepal Demography and Mortality Causes of Blue Sheep in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Nepal
Jaffar-ud Din Pakistan Assessing the status of Snow Leopard in Torkhow Valley, District Chitral, NWFP, Pakistan
Dr. Rachael Jack Pakistan DNA testing and GPS Positioning of Snow Leopard Genetic Material in the Northern Areas of Pakistan for Utilization in Public-Private Based Snow Leopard Conservation Programmes
Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi India

Towards snow leopard prey recovery: understanding the resource use strategies and demographic responses of bharal Pseudois nayaur to livestock grazing and removal

Tshewang Wangchuck Bhutan Using non-invasive genetics for snow leopard monitoring in Bhutan and range-wide

Snow Leopard Conservation Grant Recipients, 2003 - 2007
(a Snow Leopard Trust program)
Principle investigators Country Project title:
Janak Khatiwada Nepal (2007) Survey of Snow Leopard and Blue Sheep populations in the Kangchenjunga Conservation Area
Shelly Shao China (2007) Alleviate Livelihood and conservation conflict inside Suojia Snow Leopard Local Protected Area and Set up SL community-based Conservation Groups Network in North-east Kham Area.
Bikram Shrestha Nepal (2007) Prey abundance and Prey selection by snow leopard in the Sagarmatha National Park
Navinder Singh India (2007)

Snow leopard in the Gya-Miru and Changthang Wildlife Sanctuaries, eastern Ladakh

Slava Trigubovich Russia (2007) Assessing the Snow Leopard Population in the Sailugemsky and Chuisky Ranges, and Addressing Threats to its Survival (no report but project description available)
Pranav Trivedi Nepal (2007) Living with snow leopards - promoting conservation through education and capacity building amongst indigenous communities of the Spiti Trans-Himalaya
Dawa Tsering China (2007) Snow Leopard Survey of Tibet's South Central Chang Tang Region
B. Munkhtsog Mongolia (2006) Assessing the Distribution and Status of the Snow Leopard Population in Khasagt Khairkhan Strictly Protected Area, Mongolia (no report available)
Kinzang Namgay Bhutan (2006) Snow Leopard and Prey Population Conservation in Bhutan
Jiang Zhigang China (2006) Snow Leopards in the Dulan International Hunting Ground, Qinghai, China
Trishna Dutta India (2005) Feeding ecology of Snow Leopards in Hemis National Park, India
Dr. Todd Fuller & Kyle McCarthy Mongolia (2005) Evaluation of 3 methods for estimating Snow Leopard population size in Kyrgyzstan
Dr. Randy Kyes & Dr. Mukesh Chalise Nepal (2005) Assessing the status of SL in Langtang National Park, Nepal
Ghulam Mohd Malikyar Afghanistan (2005) Conservation education in Afghanistan
Kamal Thapa Nepal (2005) Co-relations between blue sheep abundance and livestock depredation in Nepal
Dr. Som Ale Nepal (2004) Have snow leopards made a comeback in the worlds highest (Everest) National Park, Nepal?
Dr. Randy Kyes & Dr. Mukesh Chalise Nepal (2004) Assessing the Status of the Snow Leopard Population in Langtang National Park, Nepal
Sandeep Sharma India (2004) Improvement of sign survey techniques and use of tracks for Snow Leopard population monitoring in Ladakh, India
Dr. Cholpon Dyikanova Kyrgyzstan (2003) A snow leopard focused public awareness programme for the Kyrgyz Republic
Ahmad Khan Pakistan (2003) Snow Leopard Survey in Mankial Valley Swat, NWFP, Pakistan
Dr. Randy Kyes & Dr. Mukesh Chalise Nepal (2003) Assessing the Status of the Snow Leopard Population in Langtang National Park, Nepal
Dr. Elena Mukhina & Alexander Esipov Uzbekistan (2003) Development of a National Action Plan for the Conservation of Snow Leopard in Uzbekistan
B. Munkhtsog Mongolia (2003) Alternative income source for the Snow leopard friendly communities, Mongolia (no report available)
Tsewang Namgail India (2003) Interactions between argali and livestock, Gya-Miru Wildlife Sanctuary, Ladakh, India
Bindu Raghavan India (2003) Interactions between the Ladakh Urial and livestock in Ladakh, India

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