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The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) was designed to provide a clear road map for conserving the species and should serve as the foundation for national and regional action plans. It is a product of the membership of the Snow Leopard Network. The SLSS is a 'living document,' and will be continuously reviewed and updated to reflect current knowledge and conservation status of the snow leopard.

The 2014 updated version of the SLSS can be downloaded as a PDF here:

2014 Updated Snow Leopard Survival Strategy

The original 2003 SLSS, edited by Thomas M. McCarthy & Guillaume Chapron is available as a PDF here:

2003 Original Snow Leopard Survival Strategy

The SLSS 2007 summary version is also available. It was adapted from the original 2003 text by David Mallon to provide an overview of the SLSS:

2007 SLSS Summary Version

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